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No changes were made to myWebPages in the first 6 months of 2014. In order to help restart and catch up a new index page was introduced in July 2014. An earlier lesson learnt is not to make pages too big. This index page has a link to the previous index page from the picture in the bottom tight hand corner. New pictures and links will be added at irregular intervals.

The_Moon Pen_Y_Gadair_Fawr St_Pauls Squash_2015 Fence Post Repair August 2015
The Moon 28th September 2015 Pen Y Gadair Fawr, Black Mountains St Pauls Squash Harvested in September 2015 Fence Post Repair August 2015
The_Allotment_in_August_2015 Pluto The Vulcan Triclouring Serenade
The Allotment in August 2015 Pluto (thanks NASA) The Vulcan at Benson, July 20th 2015 Tricolouring Serenade
XXXX Woodcote Garden_Table Cardboard_Castle The_Allotment_in_July_2015
Genesis Smithfield Woodcote in July 2015 Refurbished Garden Table Cardboard_Castle The_Allotment_in_July_2015
Greenhouse Triominoes Lake Garda Pembroke Stonehenge in April 2015
5 by 4 Elite Streamline Greenhouse Triominoes on 12 by 9 Grid Lake Garda in May 2015 The End of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path Stonehenge in April 2015
Intihuatana Pluto and Charon The Soma Cube The Lazy Bee Allotment January  2015
Intihuatana, Machu Picchu NASA Mission to Pluto The Soma Cube The Lazy Bee The Allotment in January 2015
Christmas Tree Fence  Post Freshwater Bay ????Lawnmowers Stepping Stones
Happy Christmas 2014 Fence Post Repair 16 Dec 2014 Cycling around the Isle of Wight Lawnmowers Walking the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path
Allotment July  2014 Black Mountain Ponies Riot Three Polarizers The Previous Index Page
The Allotment July 2014 The Black Mountains The Riot Quantum World The Previous Index Page

Graham Newbert October 2015.




7th row added. October 2015 Plus some tidying up.
5th and 6th rows started. August 2015 8 photos added. (2 spaces to be filled)
4th Row of 5 photos. August 2015 Photos of Greenhouse, Triominoes,Lake Garda, Last Leg of Pembrokeshire Coastal Path and Stonehenge.
3rd Row January 2015 New set of 5 photos.

2nd Row

December 2014 New set of 5 photos
July 2014 new index page