Walking the Wye Valley

In 2016

Day 1 - Tuesday 17th May 2016 - Drive to The Elan Valley Hotel a couple of miles outside Rhayader.

The Elan Valley Hotel was booked for 4 nights from Tuesday 17th to Friday 20th May 2016.

Day 2 - Wednesday 18th May 2016 - Rhyd y Benwch to LLangurig (12 1/4 miles)


Drove to Llangurig carpark. Then driven to Rhyd y Benwch carpark. Walked up the River Severn the through forest and heather to look over to the face of Plynlimon and the source of the river Wye. Three Eurofighters were practising low level flight.

Day 3 - Thursday 19th May 2016 - Llangurig to Rhayader (12 miles)

Pont Marteg

Drove to Llangurig carpark inorder to walk downstream to Rhayader. Climbed up to the hills following markers then dropping down to the cycle route which was follwed to the bridge at Pont Marteg. Crossed the river and the road and to enter the Gilfach Farm Nature Reserve. Climbed up the valley to the visitor centre then over the hill to find the road back to Rhayader.

Day 4 - Friday 20th May 2016 - Newbridge on Wye to Erwood Bridge (13 1/2 miles)


Drove to Erwood Bridge carpark and then back to Newbridge. Walked along the B4358 for a while before entering Estyn wood. Got a little bit lost but found the way back to the route and the river. The walk to Builth Wells was then along the bank of the rippling salmon fishing river to Builth Wells. There is a long hard climb from Builth Wells up to the common land. Followed the marked route before turning sharply left and dropped down to the the cycling road. Walked along the roda for some while turning off just before it dropped to the A470. Crossed the Fernant stream then walked through the bracken covered slope until turning down the road to Erwood Bridge.

Day 5 - Saturday 21st May 2016 - Newbridge on Wye to Rhayader( 9 miles)

Exciting Bridge

Depart the Elan Valley Hotel. Drive to Newbridge to walk back to Rhayader. Parked the first car in Rhayader and the second car in Newbridge. The day began with a good deal of road walking. Walked over the bridge along the B4358 and turned right onto the cycle route which was more or less followed all the way to Llanwrthwl. For a couple of kilometers the road was unsurfaced along the old coach road at the bottom of Trembyd. Diverted away from the designated Wye Valley Walk to travel along the road from Llanwrthwl to Glyn Bridge which crossed over the river Elan. It was raining. Drove to The Firs B&B in Hay on Wye for 2 nights, where it rained even more.

Day 6 - Sunday 22nd May 2016 - Erwood to Glasbury and Hay on Wye (4 3/4 and 8 3/4 = 13 1/2 miles)

Hay on Wye

Drove to Erwood to walk back to Hay on Wye. Set off from Erwood along the straight cycle route/dismantled railway to the cross the river Wye at Llanstephan suspension bridge. Walked alongside the busy A470 for a short while to a left turn through a gate taking the walk along the river bank. The water treatment plant heralds the surfaced path leading to the bridge at Boughrood, Crossed the River Wye and folowed the road fro s short while to a right turn that leads back to the river bank, Glanwye Farm and onto Glasbury. The walk is on the pavement alongside the busy A438 for to long until a turnoff leads to the river bank, the festival fields and the bridge at Hay on Wye.

Day 7 - Monday 23rd May 2016 - Drive to Home

Hay Bluff

Set off along the yellow minor road to Capel-y-Fin and Llanthony. Stopped off for a brief walk up the Offa Dyke path to Hay Bluff, the "bare buttock" walk for reasons I will not go into. Back on the single track road, passed many members of the SAC Knights of the Island rally coming the other way. Drove on to join the green main A465, A40, A449 and blue M4. At home Odometer showed 500 miles driven altogether.

2017 Hay on Wye to Chepstow

Day 1 - Sunday 21st May 2017

Drive to Kidswell House in Hereford.

Day 2 Monday 22nd May 2017 Hay on Wye to Byfod (Supposedly)

Drove to park the cars in Byfod and Hay on Wye. Set off on the Wye Valley Walk from the Hay car park but missed the left turn, Continued following local resident's directions, two walkers ahead and the acorn signs (Offa's Dyke Path), climbing higher and higher until we found ourselves on top of the Black Mountains. Retraced our steps back to missed turn. Followed the Wye Valley walk through the fields for a short while before returning to the car. Since this day's Wye Valley Walk would not be on the bank of the River Wye we would not now do it.

Day 3 Tuesday 23rd May 2017 Breinton Common to Mordiford

Wishing to stay by the side of the River Wye, drove to park the cars in Mordiford and Breinton Common. Walked along the river through Hereford to Mordiford. Noticed the Wye Valley Walk left the river at the "Bunch of Carrots" Inn in Hampton Bishop but we followed the path along side the river to Mordiford. Drove back to Hereford to visit the Mappa Mundi and the chained library in the Cathedral.

Day 4 Wednesday 24th May 2017 Fownhope to Ross on Wye

Drove to park the cars in Ross on Wye and Fownhope. Walked along the river from Fownhope to rejoin the Wye Valley walk in Brockhampton. Followed the road to the Hole in the Wall and then followed the river to Ross on Wye. Enjoyed a lemonade.

Biblins Bridge

Day 5 Thursday 25th May 2017 Monmouth to Lydbrook

Drove to Monmouth to park the car. Walked along the river to the B&B in Lydbrook.

Day 6 Friday 26th May 2017 (Tintern to Monmouth)

Drove to Monmouth and The Old Station to park the cars. Walked from the Old Station to Brockweir Bridge, crossed over. Walked from Brockweir Bridge to Bigsweir Bridge along Offa's Dyke Path. Crossed over the bridge and walked along the river to Monmouth. Collected the cars and drove to the Beaumont Arms in Chepstow for 2 nights.

Day 7 Saturday 27th May 2017 (Tintern to Chepstow)

Drove to The Old Station and parked the car.Walked along the wye river and the A466 road to Tintern Abbey. Looked around the Abbey and then climbed into the wooded hills and cliffs to reurn to Chepstow.

Day 8 Sunday 28th May 2017 (Chepstow to Wallingford)

Drove home.