Some Walks

This page describes some walks.

The Brecon Beacons.

  1. Landranger 160 - The Brecon Beacons
  2. Landranger 161 - The Black Mountains

The Brecon Beacons, the Black Mountain and The Black Mountains - September 2015

Day 1 Tuesday 22nd September 2015 Pen Y Fan


Today's walk is walk is described in the Ordnance Survey Blog

Arrived at Storey Arms at noon. The car park at Storey Arms was full so backtracked a few hundred yards to the carpark at Pont or Daf. After putting on the boots, fleece and rucksack set off along the paved footpath up to the ridge just south of Corn Du. Decided to circle the route anti-clockwise so set set of along the ridge southwards, looking down at the Upper Nuadd reservoir. I asked an approaching walker where was the route dropping down the cliff to the reservoir. he pointed out two; the stream headed by the cairn and the warn out crag at the top of the tree line. I descended the steep loose stoned unsteady wet scree to the reservoir. Ate some lunch at set off at 2.30 pm. Set off along the rocky road to the base of Cribyn reaching its summit at 4.00pm. There was then a steep descent and steep climb to Pen Y Fan. Nearing the top, because of shortage of time, tiredness and cloud cover decided to horizontally bypass the summits of Pen Y Fan and Corn Du the reach the footpath to down, arriving at the car park at 5.30pm.

A list of accommodation in the Sennybridges area is shown in From this list accommodation was booked for the 2 nights at The Whitehouse Country Inn.

Day 2 Wednesday 23nd September 2015 Llyn-y-Fan-Fach


Today's walk is decribed in a pdf issued by the Carmarthenshire County Council. This map is illustrative only. The first task of the day was to find the car park at the start of the walk in Llandeusant. This was poorly signed at the end of a narrow deeply potholed road. After putting on the boots, fleece and rucksack set off at just after 10.00am up the road, past the fish hatchery to the edge of the Lyn Y Fan Fach. Climbed eastwards up to the ridge and walked round the lake at the cliff edge. A steep climb down led to a crossways where turning left drops further down and back to the lakeside and the carpark. Pressing onwards and upwards leads to the point of high land separating Lyn Y Fan Fach and Lyn Y Fan Fawr. Continuing near the cliff edge around and looking down on Lyn Y Fan Fawr led to a steep slippery stepped descent to the lake side. Looking down I saw a couple of walkers at the bottom heading up , but never passed them on my way down. I could find no other pathway up the cliff. I walked around the bottom of the Lyn Y Fan Fawr and turned north along its eastern edge. The clouds had come down with me and I could no longer see the cliff edge so followed what appeared to be the pathway. A stupid mistake. When I saw the forest and Usk reservoir I realised that I was off course. Taking compass bearings from the corner of the forest and the reservoir I was possibly at the source of the Usk. The way out of the this was to follow a south west compass direction, until I came to a west wards flowing river and then follow this to come to the road leading from the car park, happily arriving there at 2.30 pm. Drove back to the hotel.

Day 3 Thursday 24th September 2015 The Llanbedr Horsehoe


And today's walk is described in a pdf by Wateraid200. This is a classic strenuous 17 mile walk that should take 8 to 9 hours. After leaving the Whitehouse Country Inn at about 8.15 am, the car was parked safely in a cul de sac in Llanbedr village. The distance from Sennybridge to Llanbedr was 25 miles. After putting on the boots, fleece and rucksack and setting off at just after 9.00am, inorder to go round the horseshoe anti-clockwise, the initial hard climb was up to Crug Mawr, arriving at about 10.00am. The next 2 hours were walking towards the distinctive cairned flat top of Pen Y Gadair Fawr. It rained at 11 am. The path followed from Pen Y Gadair Fawr to Waun Fach is now stepped and paved with rocks and rock chips, arriving at about 1 pm. A few gliders flew up and along the north facing slope, possibly using the white bags of rocks as a turning point. Seeing Pen Alt Mawr as now the target, left Waun Fach eastwards and downwards to the cross roads st the saddle. Then climbing to Mynydd Lysiau and Pen Twyn Glas and finally up the steep slope to the triangulation point and interim resting place at Pen Alt Mawr, arriving at about 3pm. After a short rest the walk followed a rocky path to Pen Cerrig Calch and then down pst Table Mountain and steeply down to the road leading back to llanbedr, arriving ther at 5.30pm, taking 8 1/2 hours overall. After eating a biscuit drove 158 miles home.

The Black Mountains-June 2014

Day 1 - Saturday 28th June 2014

Llanthony Priory Offa's Dyke Path Gospel Pass Pen-y-Fan Llanthony Priory

Drove the 124 miles to Llanthony and parked the car. Set off at about 10.30 am to walk and climb northwards up to Offa Dykes path. Near the top, met a fellow resting walker with a heavy backpack including tent,etc who recommended a walk at LLYN-Y-FAN-FACH. Followed the path up to the triangulation point at Hay Bluff. From there walked down to Gospel Pass and up to Lord Herefords Knob and continuing along the edge to the triangulation point. After a stop looking at the view walked south eastwards for two hours to the cairn at Bal bach. Turned left and descended to the carpark, Llanthony. Distance walked today according to the map measurer was 26 km.

Drove to the Bell Hotel, Glanwryney for 2 nights B&B. Any regrets about not camping at Lanthony were dispelled by the onset of rain and seeing the wet campers.

Day 2 - Sunday 29th June 2014

Grwyne fawr Reservoir Waun Fach Pen y Gadair Fawr Edge of Mynydd du Forest Road Race

Drove to the car park in the Mynydd Du Forest. Not an easy drive along the narrow hedge edged roads. The forest lies in the upper reaches of the Grwyne Fawr valley. Walked up the road to the Grwyne Fawr reservoir and followed the gently sloping rocky path along the Grynwe Fawr stream up to the crossing paths on the northern ridge of the Black Mountains. Turned left and south to the upended triangualation point at Waun fach and the cairn at higher looking Pen y Gadair fawr. Used the compass to head east along the well used steep footpath, unmarked on the Landranger 161 map, descending to the picnic site and carpark. The distance walked today according to the map measurer was 14 km.

After lunching at the car , intended to look around Abergavenny in the afternoon. However roads in Abergavenny were closed today for a national cycling road race. Joined a group of spectators who kept me informed about who was who and who were leading by how much, as they passed infront of us. Team Sky's Peter Kennaugh finally had the honour of raising his arms high in triumph before a roaring crowd in Abergavenny to claim the National Road Race Championships crown.

Day 3 - Monday 30 th June 2014

llanbedr Church Pen y Gadair Fawr Pen Allt Mawr Waun Fach Sugar Loaf Mountain

Drove to and parked the car in a close in Llanbedr inorder to walk the now classic "Llanbedr Horseshoe", anti clockwisely. First walked past Llanbedr's church, down to the stream and back up to the road. Walked northwards along the country road until the sign for theBeacons Way. Climbed very steeply at first then less so up to the triangulation point at Crug mawr. Then a long ridge walk towards the north alongside the Mynydd Forest to Pen y Gadair Fawr and across the bog onto to Waun Fach. Dropping to east followed the ridge with a descent to a crossing of paths then a climb, another ridge walk and steep climb to the wind break and triangulation point at Pen Allt Mawr. Continued to the triangulation point at Pern Cerrig Calch and down towards Table Mountain. Turned left and steeply decended by the house at Per h-y-Pia to the road and returned to the car. The distance walked today according to the map measurer was 26 km, taking 9 hours.

Drove home.

August 2012

Day 1 - Friday 9th August 2012

Camping in LLanthony Drove to Llanthony and pitched camp. Set off at 10.30am to walk eastwards up the Beacon's Way to join the Offa's Dyke path which were followed southward to Hatterrall Hill and on to the fort. Many paragliders were taking advantage of the perfect conditions on the hill. From the fort followed the tracks westward down to the Queen's Head pub, that is shut on a Friday. Crossed the Crucorney to Hay road and climbed the steep road up towards the north-south ridge of the west side of the Ewyas valley , turning northward and rejoining the Beacon's Way via the cairn, Bal Bach and then returning to Llanthony, arriving at 4.30 pm. Distance walked today was estimated by map measurer at 16 km.

Day 2 - Saturday 10th August 2012

Waun Fach Today's route circled clockwise the ridges around the valley of the Grywne Fawr river. Set off at about 8.00am from Llanthony along the Beacon's way to Crug Mawr. The path passed Bal Bach, the cairn, went down the hill, passed the Tabernacle Church, went over the bridge and up the hill passed Partrishow Church. At the Crug Mawr triangulation the path left the Beacon Way and turned north to the Rhos Dirion via Waun Fach, with its upturned triangulation point. Passing motorcycles have churned the peat. At the Rhos Dirion triangulation point the route turned south east along the ridge, looking down at the Grywne Fawr reservoir and passing the Bal Mawr triangulation point before returning to Bal Bach and back down the hill side to Llanthony, arriving at 7.00pm. Distance walked today is estimated at 34 km.

Day 3 - Sunday 11th August 2012

Pen Cerrig calch Drove the car to Llanbedr and set off at about 9am around the classic Llanbedr Horseshoe, returning to the car at 6.00pm. It was foggy on the ridges so navigated using a compass between triangulation points until 1.00pm when the first large landmark, Pen y Gadair was seen. Distance walked today is estimated at 26 km.

Day 4 - Monday 12th August 2012

Today's route is the same as that taken on Tuesday 16th June 2009. Set off at 8.30 and climbed from Llanthony to Bal bach, turning northward via Bal Mawr to Rhiw y Fan. At the cliff edge turned north eastward to the Twmpa, dropping down to and crossing the Crucorney to Hay road and then climbing the steep hillside up to Hay Bluff. At the triangulation point the route turned southwards along Offa's Dyke path until the gravestone sign indicated the way down Llanthony, arriving at 4.30 pm. It was foggy turning to rain with poor visibilty all day so I navigated all day using a compass . Distance walked today is estimated using a map measurer at 26 km. A description of this classic walk is written under Llanthony Priory High Ridge Circular Walk.

June 2009

Day 1 - Sunday June 14th 2009

Fan Frynych

Parked the car in the lay by just south of Storey Arms by 10.00am after 141 mile drive. Set off on the Drover's Road, Nature Reserve and Enchanted Valley Walk , an excellent self guided walk from the Brecon Beacons Park Society . A 19km walk which explores the Craig Cerrig-Gleisiad National Nature Reserve. Returned to the car at 4.00 pm and climbed Pen y fan and Cribyn. Drove to the B&B in Glangrwney.

Day 2 - Monday June 15th 2009


Crug Mawr

Waun Fach

Pen Allt Mawr

Pen Cerrig Calch

Table Mountain

The Llanbedr Horseshoe is a 26 km circular walk starting from the village of Llanbedr up to and along the ridges surrounding the Grywwne Fechan Valley which is headed by Waun Fach. Parked the car in the village and set off at 9.30am. The walk took 9 1/2 hours.

Day 3 - Tuesday June 16th 2009

Llanthony Priory

Bal Mawr

Pen Rhos Dirion

Hay Bluff

Offas Dyke Path

Sign Post to Llanthony

The Walk from Llanthony to Twmpa and back is a 27 km circular walk starting from the Llanthony Priory up to and along the ridges surrounding the Vale of Ewyas. Parked the car in Llanthony Priory,setting off on the walk at 10.00am. The walk took 8 hours, returning to the car at 6.00 pm in time for the bar to open. After a lemonade drove the 128 mile return car journey.