Notes From The Allotment 2016

October 2016

Returned from a fortnights holiday to pick a good bag of runner beans on the first of the month. Pickings continued for a good few days into the month. The two tomato plants were dotted with red fruit which were picked and used in a meal with spaghetti but the rest were a little bit over-ripe. Also the squash were ready for harvesting. These were lifted and placed on shelves in the green house to cure. Dug over the land where the squash grew and continued to dig over as much of the allotment as possible.

September 2016

Continued to pick runner beans and began to pick tomatoes from the 2 plants of "Gardeners Delight". The Garlic Farm delivered 2 bulbs of "Carcasonne Wight" and 2 bulbs of "Provence Wight". These split into 26 and 28 cloves of each variety respectively, which were planted in 4 off 3 metre long rows.

August 2016

Not making notes for 3 months does not indicate lack of activity. The asparagus was regularly picked through May and June and the plants left to grow into the tall ferns they now are. The onion sets ballooned into a fine harvest which is now drying on the floor oof the garage. Their ground was dug over. The frame of runner beans is still producing good pickings.Two double rows of broad beans were picked and the leek plants transplanted into the ground they covered. The squash plants were transplanted and have produced good looking fruit that is still to be harvested. Carrots and parsnips did nothing. The beetroot has produced two good rows which are not yet finished. A couple of rows of strawberry's were planted. The raspberry's were too dry to fruit good enough to pick.

April 2016

Sowed a row each of parsnips, beetroot and carrot seeds. Sprayed "Round-Up " over the asparagus and raspberry beds. Mowed the grass paths for the first time. Dug over unused ground. Planted squash seeds in pots to germinate indoors. Varieties include courgette, scallopini, cucumber, pumkin, little gem, "turks" turban, butternut, uckiki kuri and crown prince.

March 2016

Purchased two bags of onions sets from the friday market. These were one bag of 81 "Red Baron" sets at 2.00 and one bag of 93 "Centurion" at 1.50. These were planted, 4 to 5 inches apart along four 2 metre long rows aligned 12" apart in Plot A.


The Allotment in February 2016

February 2016

Made a very slow start this year. Took advantage of a short break in the cold and rain in February to finish digging over the plots for this years plantings and sowings. Also added some bags of compost taken from the garden onto the two raspberry beds.