Multiplex EasyGlider Information Sheet

where is the photo of the the EasyGlider model aircraft

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Model Manufacturer and Supplier

The "EasyGlider " is a 1800mm wingspan foam electric glider designed for direct drive brushless motors and LiPo batteries. Supposedly, the models flying characteristics are just right for the beginner.

The Multiplex Easy Glider Pro Kit, one 20 g bottle of Zacki glue, the motor with controller and 4 servos with 2 extension leads were supplied by 4max for 161.06. Supplementary parts were from Modelmaniacs.

Weight (including battery)

1114 g or 2.5 lbs Instructions suggests the electric EasyGlider with standard power system should weigh 980g.

Wing Span

1800 mm

Wing Chord

20 mm

Wing Area

360 cm^2


0.31 g/cm^2 1 gram/square centimetre = 32.77 ounce /square foot
Motor, motor-4 Max PPPO 3542 1000 The motor with brushless electronic speed controller from 4max.

Spinner and Propeller

Multiplex spinner - 5/54/8
Graupner folding propeller 12*6 with 8mm shaft.
The spinner and folding prop blades were supplied by BRC Hobbies for 23.85.

Radio and Control

Model 1 on Futaba T6J 2.4GHz transmitter linked to Futaba R2006GS SFHSS receiver.
  • CH1 to to XL-9HM servo to right aileron.
  • CH2 to to XL-16HM servo to elevator .
  • Reversed CH3 to PP-TESC45AU brushless motor electronic speed controller (ESC).
  • CH6 to to XL-9HM servo to left aileron.
Programmed as little change from default as possible into the transmitter, ie reverse CH 3, Flaperon On and Dual Rate switch down CH 1,2 and 4 to 50%. Check all settings before each flight!
Futaba R2006GS SFHSS Receiver form Steve Webb Models Servo Shop for 34.99 plus postage.

Default settings for the ESC include Brake off and Cut Off Voltage low (2.7 v for LIPo battery). See PP-TESC-programming-ins.pdf. An unbraked ESC will allow the propeller to windmill causing lots of drag. Brake on and Cut-off voltage at 3.2V were set using the Prog-Card at 10.98 including postage from 4-Max. Suprisingly this reversed the rotation of the motor and two power leads were swapped over to rereverse the rotation.


Set of 11.V 3 cell 2100mAhr Flightpacks.

Battery Weight=168 g

Some Other Links

The Maiden Flight

The EasyGlider Pro first flew on 6th June 2016. It is always a bit scary handlaunching an electric glider for the first time. It flew straight and level for a short while and with two hands on the transmitter the EasyGlider rose quicky into the blue sky and manoeuvred well. The motor is more than enough.