Ten Years Old

This set of webpages was started over 10 years ago when the domain name was given as a present. These web pages will remain under continual development. They are a collection of pictures taken and notes made in some kind of order in an attempt to get HTML to work. The current practice is to to irregularly display a new row of five pictures on the index page. Screen resolution on my computer is 1366 * 768 so the images width are set to 260 with height set to 195, keeping the aspect ratio of 1.3333. Clicking on a picture or a heading may turn to a new page or picture or video or hyperlink.

Harvest 2013 Lazy Bee Broughton Castle The Bedlam Cube Kennet_End
Harvest 2013 The Lazy Bee Broughton Castle Solving the Bedlam Cube Cycling the Kennet & Avon Canal
Benson Family day beam engine Flying Day charlotte potatoes West Wings Orion
Benson Family Day Stuart Turner Beam Engine Flying Day Charlotte Potatoes West Wings's "Orion"
Acorn Symbol The Count of Monte Christo Horsey Wind Pump Grey Seals The Red Lion, Adderbury
Pembrokeshire Coastal Path Thunder Tiger Trainer 40 The Horsey Wind Pump Grey Seals on the Norfolk Coast Cycle Ride to Adderbury
The Count of Monte Christo Mathematical Curiousities West Wings's Orion's skeleton Runner Bean Frame Perennial Plug Plants
The Count of Monte Christo Mathematical Curiousities West Wings's "Orion" Skeleton Runner Bean Frame Perennial Plug Plants
what does this mean? Crooked Cottage Sub Assemblies Crooked Cottage Loft Insulation
Inside "The West Wing" by Edward Gorey The Crooked Cottage West Wings's "Orion" Sub Assemblies The Allotment in April 2013 Extension Loft Insulation
sagrada familia sagrada familia plane trees jamon iberico parakeet nest
Outside the Sagrada Familia Inside the Sagrada Familia Plane Trees Jamon Iberico Belota Parakeet Nest in the Poble Espanyol
New in 9 Orion Kit Ronsealed Allotment Tool Shed Flooded Road Allotment in January 2013
Mathematica 9 West Wings's Orion Kit opened in January 2013 Ronsealed Allotment Tool Shed Flooded Road The Allotment in January 2013
Christmas Tree Electrical Distribution after 20/12/2012 Electrical Distribution before December Flooded Field fungus
Merry Christmas 2012 Under Stair Electrical Distribution after 20/12/2012 Earlier Electrical Distribution. Flooded Field Unknown Clustered Fungus
Blackbird Tree Stump Squashes 2012 Felix Baumgartner Similar Triangles
Blackbird Tree Stump Squashes Felix Baumgartner 14th October 2012 Project Euler Problem 148
Cassata Greek Theatre Etna Mosaic Temple of Concordia
Sicilian Cassata Greek Theatre in Syracuse Etna Mosaic at Villa Romana del Casale Temple of Concordia
Vapour Trails Runner_Beans Camping in LLanthony NASA's Curiosity Rover Days Lock
Vapour Trails Pick of Runner Beans Camping in Llanthony NASA's Curiosity Rover landing on Mars on 6th August 2012(EDT) Days Lock
Olympic Torch Camping in Norfolk Beetroot Flying day Silva Expedition 54
Olympic Torch Camping in Norfolk Beetroot Flying day The Silva Expedition 54
Runner bean plant Transit_of_Venus Energy Performance Certificate 13.8V Twin Power Supply Transit_of_Venus
A Runner Bean Plant The Transit of Venus June 2012 Energy Performance Certificate 13.8V Twin Power Supply To be filled with something else
A Very Simple Enigma Machine Allotment November 2011 The Waverley? Graduation Day Stoke Row Steam Fair
A Very Simple Enigma Machine The Allotment in November 2011 The Waverly Paddle Steamer in Swanage in September returning from a trip along the Jurassic Coast Graduation Day Row of Steam Engines at Stoke Row Steam Fair
My Bike Allotment January 2011 Christmas Cake Serenade Christmas Cake
The Raleigh Pioneer Elite 21 The Allotment in January 2011 Merry Christmas 2010 The Electric Serenade Lemon and Chocolate Cakes
Daily Usage for April 2010 Khayyam's Cubic Checkmate Cormorants Fieldfares
Website Usage in April 2010 Calculators Arasan Checkmated Cormorants Fieldfares

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