Notes From The Allotment 2014

August 2014

A good number of runner beans are being regularly picked. The squash and tomatos are growing well. The leek plants are flourishing. The potatoes are a loss because of heavy slug damage. The brassicas were under attack from white fly and had to be sprayed with BugClear. The autumn fruitinmg raspberries, planted in September 2012 have produced their first meal.

July 2014

Allotment July 2014

Although no notes have been made since December 2014, the allotment had not been neglected. Rain delayed any start of work until March. The ground was, by then filled with long couch grass, bindweed and other weeds and was gradually cleared using the hoe, fork, round-up and the lawn mower. Broad beans were resown where half aquadulce had been lost. In April, ground was was dugover inorder to plant King Edward seed potatoes and Sturon onion sets and sow parsnip, beetroot, carrots and leeks. In May the gound was cleared to sow runner beans and plant squash and tomato. In July the field beans were cleared, some seeds saved and brassicas including sprouting broccoli, cauliflowers and cabbages transplanted under netting.

Asparagus was the first to be harvested in May and June; in July the spears were allowed to grow into ferns. A few broad beans were picked in May and the ground dug over to allow room for 5 rows of leeks to be transplanted. The parsnip and carrots failed to produce any thing, but several beetroot were enjoyed. Some garlic but a good number of onions were lifted and stored. The hard ground was quicky dugover to benefit from the rain when it comes. A few summer fruiting raspberried raspberries were picked. The blackcurrant bush produced enough fruit for 2 blackcurrant crumbles.

December 2013

Still catching up on the work that needed to be done after returning from South Africa in October. It has rained alot since.