Notes From The Allotment 2012

October 2012

Squash 2012 Picked the last of the runner beans to eat, left the remaining pods to ripen into next years seeds. Harvested the squash. Composted the foliage and cleared the surface of ground prior to sowing the field beans 15 cm apart along rows 30 cm apart. This ground is intended for next years brassicas. Pulled a swede, picked some kale and chard and dug the first of the parsnips. Ordered the most of next years seeds from Dobies with some additional squash seeds from The Organic Gardening Catalogue for sowing as shown in the general plan for the allotment next year.

September 2012

Continued to dig and manure the ground where the onions and garlic had been. Sowed this with mustard seeds as green manure.

Dug over the 2m by 2m patch where the broad beans had been. Added some growmore and some super phosphate before planting 8 rows of garlic. The first row was 6 elephant garlic bulbs. The other 7 rows were 11 bulbs each. These were 2 rows of saved hardneck cloves, 1 row of "Polish" and 2 rows of "Thermidrome" cloves; the bulbs were purchased from the stall in the friday market and 2 rows of Solent Wight purcahesed from the farmers market.

Dug out the row of "Glen Clova" raspberry plants, using old plants to build garden bonfire. Dug over and manured the row ready for planting autumn fruiting raspberry plants. Alan Titchmarsh tipped "Joan J" and "Polka". Five canes of each were ordered from Ken Muir at 32.43 including postage. Weeded, pruned, trimmed manured and tidied the row of "Glen Ample" and the row of "Tulameen" raspberry plants. Barbara and Ella have taken over Number 10.

August 2012

Runner Beans The first and continuing picks of runner beans provided for many meals. The onions were lifted and moved onto the drying racks in the shed. The dried garlic having been taken home. Learnt that it might not be best to plant garlic into freshly manured ground. Hoed under the sweet corn and the brassicas and started to dig and manure the ground where the onions and garlic had been. Dug a few carrots and pulled more beetroot.

July 2012

Beetroot Allotment was full of weeds at the start of month, due to a fortnight of warm wet weather and neglect. Cleared a patch of ground in front of the shed and planted 20 sweetcorn plants, 1 ft apart in a 4 by 5 block. Cleared the 12ft by 8ft patch of field beans, filling the compost but leaving aside 10 plants to grow on for seed. Planted 6 rows of 4 sprouts, 4 chard , 4 kale, 4 swede, 4 cabbage and 4 cauliflower plants 2 ft apart. Each plant was well watered into the clay. Assembled a 12ft long, 8ft wide and 4 ft high "Figo" cornered cane framework that was assembled and netted over the brassicas, hopefully to protect them from pigeons and rabbits. Picked the first of the broad beans, the raspberries and the beetroot. The broad beans were plentiful, the raspberries were few and the beetroot provided a steady supply. Dug up the garlic and laid them out to dry on a rack in the shed. Mowed the grass, trimmed the edges and handpicked lots of weeds

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June 2012

Runner Bean Plant Planted out 20 "Moonlight" runner bean plants at the feet of the climbing frame. The last of the asparagus was cut at the end of the month to allow the ferns to grow.

May 2012

Finished picking the excellent cauliflowers, which fruited all at once. Disassembled the netted framework to clear Plot E for a delivery of farmyard manure that was ordered. The top end of this plot was dug over and 4 rows of borlotti bean seeds were sown. The first of the excellent asparagus was picked. The broad beans are flowering.

Lots of mowing, weeding, hoeing and tidying up on the allotment was carried out this month especially on the the asparagus and onion beds and around the root crops. Sowed the runner bean seeds in two lots on the 14th. The saved seeds were sown directly into the ground. The Dobies "Moonlight" were sown in pots and placed in the greehouse. Also sown in trays in the greenhouse were cauliflower, cabbages, sprouts and swedes.

On the 27th May planted 3 each of gemstore, kabocha, sprinter (butternut) , onion and cobnut (butternut) squash plants. Covered them under new 5m by 2m fleece. The 15 plants had been sown in March indoors and potted on as they grew. Also a row of carrots and a row beetroot were sown next the previous pair.

April 2012

Picked an excellent cauliflower. Credit to Marshall's Jerome miniplants planted last August and to the Figo cornered netted cane framewok which protected the cauliflower from rabbits and pigeons. The Hyred red onion sets were delivered at the start of the month and were planted adjacent to the rows of Sturon, which are now showing green shoots. A few leek and garlic plants serendipitiously found in the garden were planted out in the spare ground in front of the shed. A row of carrots a row of beetroot were sown alongside the previous pair. Land kept tidy.

March 2012

Work did not begin this year on the allotment until we were half way through March. The first thing to do was to tidy up. Some light digging and hoeing cleared the garlic and broad beans and prepared for sewing some root crops and onions. Rows of carrots , beetroot and of parsnips were sown and three rows of sturon onions were planted. Over half the broad beans had been lost so the seeds of giant exhibition longpods were sown in the gaps.

Cabbages and Cauliflowers

January 2012

Finished digging over Plot D where the runner beans, sweet corn and squashes are to go. The broad bean plants are peeping through in their quarter of Plot D. Tidied the raspberry beds and weedkilled the surface of the asparagus beds. Weeded the garlic bed. The "Wintessa" savoy cabbages are looking ready to pick but the "Jerome" cauliflowers still have two to three months to develop. Picked a few leeks to cook and eat.

December 2011

Very little work was done on the allotment in December.

November 2011

November has turned out to be a busy month. Glad we had mild weather. It is the month when the next years crops are outlined in the General Plan for 2012 and a seed order is submitted to Dobies. Continued to double dig Plot D until it was 3/4's complete. Planted 120 broad bean seeds 20 cm apart in 2m by 2.5m block. Used the last of the manure. Ground in plot E dugover and sown with mustard and field beans for green manure. Cut down the asparagus ferns. Harvested parsnips and leeks.