Notes From The Allotment 2011

August 2011

Continued all round hoeing and weeding. The fat-hens seem to appear overnight. Talking about unwelcome pests the white fly are thriving. Thoroughly hoed and weeded the cabbage and cauliflower netted area, except for two cabbages these plants have taken root and look well, and tidied up the leeks and parsnips. The carrots were too covered by the epinard fraise weeds to thrive. Cut down the old raspberry canes and weeded the raspberry beds. On a still day had a fire to burn the old wood.

Picked the climbing french bean and started to pick the runner beans. Picked a few courgettes and marrows. All good to eat. The climbing borlotti beans did not climb. The beans appeared to do best on the south side of the row so must not repeat an east-west pole row. The winter squash plants are fruiting , but white mildew is appearing on the courgette. Just learnt that the moment mildew is seen, immediately prune out and destroy the affected leaves.

Started to double dig Plot D, thereby using the last of the manure, which looking back through these notes was delivered in March 2009. This is a hard job which can continue through September, October , November and beyond.

July 2011

Stop picking asparagus and allow the ferns to grow. Dug the row of "Kestrel" potatoes. Picked the last of the raspberries. Several good meals but not alot for the vinegar. Picked the last of the broad beans. Allowed a few to grow on for their seed. Collected a jam jar full. Cut down the field beans which were used for mulch and compost. Allowed a few to grow on for their seed. Collected half a jam jar full. Picked a few beetroot.

The delivery of a box of 16 "Wintessa" mini cabbage plants from Marshalls led to their immediate planting in Plot E , where the field beans and broad beans had been. The ground was first raked clear. Then the 12ft long by 8ft wide by 4ft high "Figo" cornered cane framework was assembled. Two 12ft long rows, 2ft apart, of 8 cabbages, 18 inches apart were planted. Each plant was watered and firmed into the soil. The framework was then covered with netting, the edges tied down with bricks and tent pegs to prevent rabbits and pigeons getting to the new plants. The 17ft by 8ft patch of land between the cane framework was forked over and the row of young leeks were lifted and trimmed. The 13ft row of "Musselburgh" seeds planted in March yielded 160 transplants. The leeks were transplanted 6 inches apart in 5 rows spaced 1 ft apart. A 6 inch deep hole drlled, the leek plant was placed into the hole where it was watered in. 30 leek plants were left over.

The september sown onions and garlic were lifted.

Continued all round hoeing and hand weeding.

June 2011

Regulary weeded all round the allotment and picked asparagus, broad beans and raspberries.

Planted a row of a few young squash plants including kabochka, onion, butternut , gemstore and courgette. Covered them in a tunnel of fleece.

May 2011

Alot of visits to the allotment this month.

April 2011

Nature took its course! Nothing was done.

March 2011

Planted 2 rows of "Sturon" onion sets next to the september sown onion sets; the rows are 1 ft apart and the sets spaced 4" along the rows. Planted 20 "kestrel" seed potatoes in the dug trench. Sowed 3 pairs of rows of carrots, beetroot and parsnips alongside the onions. Sowed one row of " Musselburgh" leek seeds between the broad beans and the potatoes. Weeded the asparagus beds and spread a couple of barrowfuls of manure on top. The daffodils are out.

February 2011

Forked over the patch of ground between the september planted onions and the field beans in Plot D. All the purple sprouting brocolli and all the cauliflower plants, except one had been ruined by the snow. This patch is where onion sets will be planted and carrots, beetroot and parnsip will be sown next month. Handfuls of growmore were sprinkled over the patch for the rain to wash into the ground. The tips of the broad bean plants are now showing. 3 or 4 seeds were planted into the gaps in the rows.

Leeks were harvested. A trench was dug in one row vacated by the leeks, the base of this was layered with compost in readiness for seed potatoes.

Picture of Allotment in January 2011

Picture of the Allotment in January 2011

January 2011

Continued to tidy up and manure raspberry and asparagus beds. Spread 6 barrow loads of manure where the runner beans are to go. Emptied 2 bags of compost on each of the 3 rows of raspberry plants. Sprayed 1 gallons of diluted RoundUp weedkiller over the bed of Connovers Colossal asparagus. Made a pile of last years compost.

December 2010

Snow, ice and Christmas!

November 2010

Outlined the General Plan for 2011. This is less ambitious than the 2010 plan although it doesn't include the courgettes and squashes. Continued to tidy up and manure raspberry and asparagus beds.