Electric Serenade Information Sheet

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The "Electric Serenade" is a 63" span electric powered sailplane traditionally constructed from balsa wood and covered with orange and black solarfilm..

Item Description Comment

Model Manufacturer and Supplier

The box of balsa wood with building plan and instructions were supplied through Rc Superstore by Flying Ace Kits,although it appears to be no longer available. . My first "Serenade" kit was supplied by Balsa Cabin. The wing of this model broke recovering from a dive after escaping from the line of sight of a thermal full of full size gliders.

Weight (including battery)

1079 grams ( = 36.2969068 ounces) Instructions suggest prototype models have ranged from 36 to 38 ozs flying weight.

Wing Span

158 cm

Wing Chord

20 cm

Wing Area

3160 square centimetres ( = 3.40139569 square feet)


34 gram/square decimetre ( = 11 ounces / square foot)
Motor and Spinner

PPPO-2837-1120 Brushless Motor with
folding spinner 40mm diameter 4mm shaft

motor, spinner and 35A brushless electronic speed controller from 4max.


RF 10" * 8" with 8mm root

Radio and Control

MODL 5 Model Name SERE on Futaba 6EXAP Transmitter.
3 channels are used on Futaba R136F Receiver.
  • CH1 to HS 82MG to rudder.
  • CH2 to HS 82MG to elevator .
  • CH3 to electric controller PP-EESC35AU Brushless ESC

PP-EESC Programming Instructions.

bb - Throttle Range
bddd - 2.75 V/C voltage protection
bbd - Li-XX battery
bbbdd - mode2
bbbbd - Brake Setting Enabled
bbbbbd - BEC setting range


Two 11.V 3 cell 2100mAhr Flightpacks.

Battery Weight=168 g
Batteries purchased from The Electric Flight Store

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First Re-creation

This was a much loved classic model in need of re-creation. The original Electric Serenade was designed for a 540 motor powered by 6 cells. In this model a brushless motor powered by a 3 cell Lipo was used. Two wing fixing nuts were used inplace of elastic bands. Flaps and Ailerons were added to the new wing. The model crashed on 8th March 2011. The wing was irreparably damaged.

Second Re-creation

A new wing was built without flaps and ailerons. The plan of the wing was followed and the wing cross section incorporated under camber, similar to "Cmelda". This model initially flew well but crashed on 15th April 2015, in a very similar way to the earlier re-creation. The wing survived but the tail broke off. On close investigation the radio/crystal seemed doubtful. It was suprisingly difficult to get a replacement Futaba R136F , but one was obtained from France. The tail was refitted, using extra pieces of ply , to the fuselage and lead was added to the nose to rebalance the extra wood. After a few false starts The model flew beautifully on September 8th 2015.