Model Aircraft Information Sheet - Max Thrust Riot

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Model Manufacturer and Supplier

The Max Thrust Riot Airframe Only In Red Kit was purchased from Century UK for 89.99. Use motor, controller, radio and servos on shelf.


1.5 kg

Wing Span


Wing Chord


Wing Area

0.39 m^2


weight/area = 3.84 kg/m^2 = 12.6 oz/ft^2


pPPO-3530-1100 From 4 Max


APCE 12*6 E

Radio and Control

MODL 6 on Futaba T6EXAP Transmitter. 4 channels used on Futaba R115 receiver to motor , PP E ESC 45 motor controller and 4 Servos.


3 cell LiPo 11.1V 2100 mAhr

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See Assembly Instructions.

On arrival the box was opened and the items checked. All expected items were present. The rear of fuselage was slightly banana shaped. A flat weight was rested on the rear end of the fuselage, which itself sat on a flat table, for a few days in an attempt to straighten the fuselage.

An airframe only was purchased in the hope of using other items that were sitting somewhere on a shelf in the shed. After checking through what was available and what was needed the following items were ordered from 4-Max nat a cost of 28.64 including delivery..

The Wings

The Riots's specification calls for 2 off 9g servos and 2 off 17g servos. Two off 9g Supertec "Naro" servos were found to use in the wings. Each needed a 150mm extension. The flange on the futaba type plug had to be filed off inorder to fit the socket on the 150mm extension lead . To minimise the risk of the extension lead being pulled off the servo lead, in rough service, the plug and socket were superglued together. The black wire leading to the wing tip lights, that was blocking the duct to the servo had to be removed to in order to thread the servo's extension leads through the the narrow rectangular ducts. In addition small sections of polystyrene at the end of the servo housing had to be scraped away to give room for lead at the servo end. When fitted the servo's control arms were was easily linked to the ailerons.

The Fuselage

Two off 17h HiTec HS81 servos were installed in the central well of the fuselage and linked to the elevator and rudder which were each glued and bolted into their position.

The Motor

A block of 13mm thick balsa was shaped and glued to the front of the fuselage inorder to mount the 4 Max PPO-3530-1100 so that the propellor was outside the cowling. Three offf 12mm holes were drilled in the block to allow some cooling airflow and to thread the 3 wires from the controller to the motor. The motor was bolted to a metal cross which was screwed to the spacing block.

The Electrics

where is the photo of the electrics

It was a massive fiddle to install the the PP-EESC-45AU controller in the front fuselage compartment and to thread the three sets of wires through the 12mm hole to the motor, the control lead to the radio receiver in the middle fuselage compartment and the battery leads to the battery compartment.

Centre of Gravity

With the battery and propellor fitted the centre of gravity was 75 mm back from the leading edge. It should be in the range 75 to 90 mm.

Radio Settings and Control Service Deflections

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The T6EXAP transmitter set up as shown on the attached Model Data Recording Sheet. The trims are to be adjusted on maiden flight. Aileron, elevator and rudder deflection at 1.5 cm each dual rate down setting was 66%.

Maiden Flight

The maiden flight was on 29th March 2014. The model took off and climbed away, flew straight and level as required without extra control and landed nicely.

Later Flights

In a few later flights the wheel support was bent but straightened out alright. In July the motor stopped working whilst in flight. The PPO-3530-1100 motor lost one of its three phases. It was dismantled but no fault was noticed. It was reassembled and its 3 connectors were resoldered and it awaits test when a controller comes available. A replacement motor , a PPP0-3530-1100 purchased from 4-Max at £s 26.99 , was fitted to the Riot. The balance of APCE 12*6E was checked OK and refitted.