Model Aircraft Information Sheet - The Busy Bee

Where is the photo of the Gyro Bee? Where is the photo of the Aqua Bee ? Where is the photo of the Lazy Bee?
Gyro Bee Aqua Bee Lazy Bee with Ailerons

The Busy Bee has different configurations. The model was first bought as a kit from Autogyro Company of Arizona. The Gyro Bee fell over on the field during its first trial and still awaits a maiden flight. To get more use from the fuselage a 48" extended wing was built from scratch on a plan by Andy Clancy. Following an invitation to a day at a lake, floats were scaled up from a general design and the fuselage was waterproofed for model to become the Aqua Bee. For the grass field, wheels replaced the floats and the Lazy Bee flew regularly. For flying in 2015, ailerons were added.

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Model Manufacturers

Clancy Aviation

Weight with battery

1.4 kg/ 3lb 2 oz

Wing Span


Wing Chord


Wing Area



10 oz/ft^2

1 g/dm^2 = 0.3277 oz/ft^2


Tornado 3618/1200 brushless electric motor>


8" * 6", 10" *5 & 11"* 7"

k/v rpm/volt


Max Current












Motor purchased from Overlander although the Tornado 3618/1200 appears to be discontinued in 2008.


10" * 5"

APC E Series from Puffin Models on 29/3/2007 replaced in February 2015 with same from HobbyStores.

Radio and Control

MODL 4 on Futaba T6EXAP Transmitter. 4 channels used on Futaba FP-R116FB receiver. Channels 1 and 2 to pair of Hitec HS-85MG servos to rudder and elevator and Channel 3 to Castle Creations Phoenix-45 45 amp brushless motor speed controller. Channel 4 to a pair of Hitec "Thin" metal wing servos HS 125MG to each aileron. The controller was programmed on 23/8/2015 to give 9v cut off voltage for 3 cell lithium packs and soft delayed brake.

Hitec servos from Steve Webb Models on 7/8/2006.

A Li-Po battery was very flat after a long flight due to the low cut off voltage setting from when NiMH batteries were used with this model.


Four off 11.V 3 cell 2100mAhr Li-Po Flightpacks.

Battery Weight=168 g

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Flying Day Sun 27th April 2008

Aqua Bee at Beale Park

At the Beale Park Float Plane Fly, following the Aquabee's first time on the water, expert advice was given on re-positioning the floats i.e move them down, out and back! For advice see Float Selection and Fine Tuning

Flying Day 24th July 2013

The "Lazy Bee" and "Cmelda" were taken out today. Both were excellent in the SSW 10mph wind. The "Lazy Bee" rocketted skyward under full power, fell quicky with no power and flew level with mid motor control. Came out of a thermal by lowering the motor speed. Good round the sky with rudder and elevator control and dropping quickly and landing steadily following dead stick. Wondered whether a wing with ailerons was available for the "Lazy Bee". It is possible to download a plan for a 50" aileron wing from here and watch it fly on utube here . Another winter project?

Refurbishment September to December 2014

Decided to add ailerons to the existing 48" wing at the locations shown on Andy Clancy's plan, not wanting to lose the dihedral. The existing wing was stripped of its covering and the 1/32" sheeting down to the framework and separated into the two wingtips and the central mainplane. Broken ribs, ribcaps, edges and spars were repaired, strengthened or replaced. Ailerons were made up and integrated with hinges on the upper surface into the wingtips and the overall framework was rebuilt. Trays for servos were added and the route for the servo cables was opened up. The wing was covered with Oracover and Solarspan film in orange and black and shown to work.

Flying Day 27th January 2015

The Lazy Bee with ailerons was taken out on this cold windy day. The Lazy Bee rocketted skywards and retrimming of the elevator setting was required for straight and level flight. The effect of the ailerons will be seen another day. End of flight checks suggests a new propeller and a new battery in the T6EXAP transmitter.